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How to Make Your Content Go Viral on Instagram

No, there’s no surefire way to make something go viral on Instagram. But you can do a few things to increase your chances that we will discuss in this article as we go further.

What is Viral Content?

Viral content is any content that gets shared extensively on social media, often resulting in a significant increase in traffic. This can be anything from a video or article to a meme or photo.

What makes something shareable?

When you see a post on Instagram that has been shared multiple times, it’s safe to say that it’s gone viral. But what makes something shareable?

Instagram visual content
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There are a few things that can make a post more likely to be shared:

  •  – Use of hashtags
  •  – Compelling visuals
  •  – Relatable content
  •  – Content that is timely or newsworthy
  •  – Posts that make people laugh or feel good

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Why do people share content?

Instagram Story
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Liking and sharing content on social media is one of the easiest ways to show support for something you believe in or just think is cool. When users like or share your content, it helps get your message out to more people and leads to new followers and customers.

So, why do people share content?

There are a few reasons, but one of the most common is that users want to feel connected to something larger than themselves. When we share content, we say, “this is important to me and I want you to know about it.”

In addition, sharing allows us to connect with others with similar interests. When we find something that we think is funny, informative, or just plain cool, we want to share it with our friends so they can enjoy it.

Finally, sharing can also be a way to show support for a cause or company. When users share content from a brand or organization, they give that brand or organization their approval.

How to make your content more shareable

Make sure your content is high quality and visually appealing. Creative and original content is more likely to be shared than mundane or derivative content. Be sure to post regularly and frequently, as followers are likelier to engage with accounts that post frequently. If you can get users to tag their friends in your content or share it on other social media platforms, you will be more likely to see a spike in engagement. Finally, use hashtags judiciously, as too many can make your content look spammy and reduce the likelihood that users will share it.

Tips to make your content go viral

1. Copy Paste and Add Your Flavour to It

This concept is quite simple.

First, you need to search posts that have done fine and gone viral in the past. You can use ViralFindr or any other identical tool and search content by hashtags or usernames. Mostly all Instagram analytics tools also give you good ideas on trending content.

An alternate method, you can take a look at your explore feed and see what’s trending. You will probably start looking at a pattern in what type of content draws more engagement.

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You can take ideas after going through some of the content and you will by then know if there is a video or photo that you could reproduce yourself. 

The idea is to take the concept of a viral post and recreate it.

Know that posts that by their nature are “viral” go viral. Picture of a cute dog or a nicely designed dinner table can definitely get more likes than other less interesting posts, but they won’t necessarily go viral. Also, do not underestimate the power of a funny meme. Like the image below.

Funny Meme for viral content

Tip: Videos tend to go viral on Instagram more often than images.

2. Take Advantage of the Viral Instagram Content Getting Attention on Other Channels

Instagram is not the only network where to find trending and popular content. Definitely see what people are sharing and what actually gets more engagement on Facebook, Youtube, Imgur, Snapchat and other social media platforms.

When you see a post or video that’s trending, do a quick search on Instagram and see if that particular video clip or a photo comes up or not. If not, then it even more makes sense to use the very same piece of content. Make sure you constantly give credit to the content creator. And if viable, get their written permission as well.

“Why can’t I simply copy paste content that I find on Instagram?” you might ask.

Very good question. The thing is that Instagram notices when you are reposting something that’s not your original content. Going viral on Instagram with the ditto content that just was trending a few days ago is a lot more difficult than if you would be posting something new.

3. Create Original Instagram Content

Creating original content and being completely genuine is probably the most delightful thing when it comes to Instagram.

However, coming up with original Instagram content ideas can be daunting. It becomes even more tough when we want to produce original viral content.

This is where we recommend you take a pen and paper and spend some time brainstorming on your own. Think and plan about what makes you or your brand/business unique. Is can be your weird accent? Is it because you are 30 and still living with your dad? (hey,we are not judging). Or is it something else?

You can embrace your flaws and weaknesses while most people try to hide their flaws and weaknesses, when you start embracing them, they become your strengths.

You don’t actually need to depend on your weaknesses. Think what’s interesting or different or crazy about you, your life or your brand.

When you set out to create your own unique and original content, always do it using a good camera and great lighting. For a video shoot, write a script and practice it several times. If you’re not that great at filming or editing, then find somebody who can do it for you. High-quality content is more likely to be shared and go viral on Instagram.

You can make some extra income from your Instagram account as well by learning how to do affiliate marketing on Instagram! All you need to do is find the right products to promote, and make sure your posts are successful.

What are some platforms that can help you make your content go viral?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to make your content go viral on Instagram will vary depending on the type of content you are posting, your target audience, and your overall marketing strategy. However, there are some platforms and tools that can help you get more eyes on your content and increase your chances of going viral.

Some platforms that can help you make your content go viral on Instagram include:

– BuzzSumo: This tool allows you to see the most popular content across all social media platforms, including Instagram. You can use this information to help you create similar content that is more likely to be popular with your target audience.

– Hootsuite Insights: This platform offers data-driven insights into what content is performing well on social media, including Instagram. This can help you identify trends and optimize your content strategy accordingly.

– Quuu: Quuu is a platform that allows you to submit your content to be promoted by other users. This can help increase the reach of your content and get it in front of a larger audience.

What are some things to avoid when trying to make your content go viral?

There’s no denying that going viral on Instagram can be a great way to boost your visibility and gain new followers. But it’s not always easy to achieve, and there are definitely some things you should avoid if you’re hoping to make your content go viral.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is reposting content that’s already been posted by someone else. Not only is this not unique, but it also doesn’t provide any value to your followers. If you want to stand out, you need to know how to create engaging Instagram posts.

Another mistake is posting too frequently. If you spam your followers with too much content, they’re likely to unfollow you. Instead, focus on quality over quantity. Post when you have something interesting or valuable to say, and take breaks in between so people don’t get overwhelmed by your content.

Finally, avoid using too many hashtags or tagging too many people in your posts. This can come across as desperate and spammy, and it won’t do anything to help your content go viral. Stick to a few relevant hashtags, and only tag people if they’re genuinely relevant to the post.

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