Top 10 Youtube Channels to Follow If You Are a Tech Enthusiast 

Throughout the evolution of YouTube, technology has remained a major pillar of all video content. YouTube was a helpful platform to share latest updates about the technological additions to mobile, games, PCs, software and other apps.  A Tech savvy is continuously looking for reviews about new gadgets, applications, games etc, YouTube has a long list of channels that would advise you and educate about all these things on the go. Some of them are guiding such minds with finesse. To shortlist top 10 YouTube channel is a tough task, however, you should go through the following listed most popular YouTube channels for tech enthusiasts:

  1. Unbox Therapy

This is the most commonly followed tech channel on YouTube, with over 3,00,000 subscribers, Unbox Therapy is a popularly known channel that shares reviews about PC components, gadgets like mobiles and tablets. Even famous gaming consoles among teenagers are also covered as a major topic in the video content. More than 36 million viewers regularly watch videos on this channel.


Basically, CNET is inside out a tech news website that has a dedicated YouTube channel, where all kinds of reviews about different techie products are covered. You can catch up some exclusive interviews, and tutorial to guide you through a problem. If you miss out any tech news, CNETTV is the channel that keeps you posted.

  1. LinusTechTips

Linus is more about giving knowledge regarding PCs, You will be able to get all necessary details about computer hardware, motherboards, mouse, keyboard, earphones etc. Apart from that, you can also get helpful information about other technical aspects regarding your smartphone, latest hacks to overcome routine problems with gadgets.

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  1. The Verge

Among the corporates, this is the first website to consult with in order to confirm or re-check on any latest update of a smartphone, tablet or portable device. The Verge is comparatively on its toes and is the first one to release news stories about gadgets, apps, social media networks and to make it evident, its YouTube channel leave nothing unposted in their videos.

  1. Jonathan Morison

A channel where you will find some high-quality video about the aesthetics of technology, few shortlisted gadgets are projected on this channel for their review and better-use-tips.

  1. Marques Brownlee

All you should know about smartphones and tablets is what Marques Brownlee takes care about. You don’t have to visit or ask for advice, just follow his channel and you will be aware of the thins to keep in mind about most of the app and service. Although he is not after reviewing each and everything, rather he will straight away tell you how to make use of any app in a better way.

  1. Future Ideas & Technology

A channel that gives priority to ideas ahead of time, and is focussed to take the suggestion and imaginations posted or asked by the people meet their reality. Their initiative is to promote an idea, product or service in order to improve the technological world and also the experience the people, who will be using it in future. You can call it a channel that empowers the R&D vision towards technology either in terms of gadget or software.

  1. TechSmartt

A youth-oriented and vibrant YouTube channel which might sound too cool for a tech savvy. The guy named Keaton comes up with advice, little hacks and tricks to make your experience better with an iPhone, tablet, android or any app.

  1. TechnoBuffalo

You can call it a tech lifestyle channel, which will talk about all the experience a user goes through. In fact, it can b considered as an open forum that welcomes the suggestions and opinions of users.

  1. TechCrunch

Tech Crunch mostly emphasizes on the tech start-ups, with reviews on new internet products it keeps on posting something almost daily. All the breaking news stories are easily found on this channel.

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